Lavish Ocean's Pure Ocean Water Sea Salt Hair Spray is our ultra premium scent free product that is directly sourced from the Pacific Ocean.  It is highly concentrated with no dilution, making it the perfect product to give straight, fine to medium textured hair the fullness, curls and waves you want without having to spend an entire day at the beach.  This light weight sea salt hairspray was specifically engineered for individuals sensitive to heavy perfumes and or odors and was designed to be your go to stand alone texturizing spray. 

As this is a highly concentrated product sourced directly from the Pacific Ocean, it pairs well with our line of all natural hair and body oils, along with our fragrance hair sprays (Rose Oil Hair Nectar and Natural Hair Hydration Mist)  



Spray on dry or wet hair and style as desired.  Allow the solution to set so your hair can absorb the pure sea salt and essential oils.  Rinse in the shower the next day and repeat.  Assess your hair's tolerance for the solution and continue your scalp's normal moisturizing routine.



Pure ocean water, cold pressed organic aloe vera gel, 100% all natural preservatives.

Pure Ocean Water Sea Salt Hair Spray