100% pure Pumpkin Seed oil provides many benefits and uses in personal care. The oil helps strengthen the hair shaft while promoting the natural balance of sebum for shiny, vibrant hair.  An essential B-vitamin also known as B7, is the hair growth champion.  Pumpkin Seed Oil benefits for dry and damaged hair also include Vitamin A and Sulfus, which is a major component of karatin and is found in high concentrations in pumpkin seed oil.  This has been used to help fight psoriasis, dandruff, eczema, folliculitis and scalp conditions for a healthy scalp.  


Lavish Ocean combines these benefits with our proprietary blend of Egyptian essential oils imported straight from Cairo Egypt.  We then infuse the oil with ocean minerals derived from our patent pending filtration process to give you a one of kind experience for your health and beauty routine. 

Pumpkin Seed Hair & Body Oil