Lavish Ocean Hemp Hair & Body Oil is a 100% Pure and all natural product. We've taken Hemp Seed Oil and infused it with Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil, Egyptian Essential Oils and Ocean Minerals using our patent pending filtration and mixture process. 

Our hemp seed and cannabis oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds found in the fruit of the Cannabis sativa plant. The Hemp plant is complemented with small flowers with pale yellowish segments. The small, smooth, light brownish-grey in color Hemp fruit is completely filled with seeds, which are processed to provide all the Hemp Seed Oil benefits that provide a multitude of benefits for the hair, scalp and skin. 

This oil comes from the fibrous part of the cannabis plant, with some wonderful healing properties. Hemp can help as a moisturizer, strengthener and is also known to help hair growth with the Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids that are present in hemp oil.

Lavish Ocean combines these benefits with our proprietary blend of Egyptian essential oils imported straight from Cairo Egypt. We then infuse the oil with ocean minerals derived from our patent pending filtration process to give you a one of kind experience for your health and beauty routine.

Hemp Hair & Body Oil