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Oceanside, CA

email: products@lavishocean.com

Organic, all-natural hair spray 
Patent pending filtration process
Chemically tested and approved
Developed for all hair types

Lavish Ocean makes premium organic, all natural hair spray for all hair types and styles  We utilize a patent pending filtration process to deliver all natural ocean water in our line of sea salt texturizing sprays.  We created each bottle for individuals that are conscious about using 100% pure ingredients in their health and beauty routine. 


Our products are guaranteed to be pure without the addition of any harsh chemicals, dyes, or alcohol.  Our brand is a vegan friendly company and we do not conduct animal testing. What makes our brand unique is the intellectual property we put in our product line, that differentiates our sprays from anything currently available in today's marketplace.   From fresh steamed white rose water to the pure ocean water in our sea salt sprays; each bottle is hand crafted to meet the needs of anyone seeking to decrease heavy gels, waxes and  unnatural ingredients in their hair styles.


In addition, to our sea salt product line; we also have a trademarked Hair Nectar series which is a light weight refresher hairspray.  Lavish Ocean Hair Nectar is an everyday spray, guaranteed to leave your hair extremely soft while increasing strength and the best part is it formulated for everyone.

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Dreadlocking Sea Salt Spray

Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray

Rose Oil Hair Nectar

Rose Oil Sea Salt Spray

Hemp Oil Sea Salt Spray

Hemp Oil Hair Nectar

Something For Everyone

With our unique mix of essential oils, we have created distinct products that serve the needs of all hair types and styles. The first is a one of a kind when it comes to sea salt sprays, and it is designed specifically for dreadlocks and twist styles of all hair types. The next is an invigorating sea salt spray created to enhance beach waves and curls. Our third sea salt spray uses pure rose oil and our last combines the pure extracts of cannabis and hemp oils to not only give your hair that maximizing curl and wave feel, but it also adds the all natural benefits of the sativa plant. 


Finally, we round out our product line with our Hair Nectar series, featuring our patent pending formula of "Hemp Oil" & "Rose Oil". We replace the sea salt ocean water with fresh steamed rose water, while still adding all the pure ingredients. This gives you the perfect refresher spray for everyday use